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Text Analytics of Narendra Modi's First Independence Day Speech: Word Cloud

#ModiSpeech trended for almost 2 days as top Indian Twitter Trend. Making it one of the longest top Twitter trending topic in India. Clearly, Narendra Modi's first Independence Day Speech left a lasting impression in the minds of all Indians. First Indian Prime minister born in post independence era indeed had a powerful impact. His speech was more forward looking and intense rather than dwelling on the past. I have carried out detailed analysis of the words mentioned in his speech.

As seen in the Word Cloud below, our COUNTRY is the number one priority and is mentioned maximum number of times in the speech. He also refers all of us as BROTHERS and SISTERS several times in his speech probably to ensure that the connect is not lost and we feel as a part of his family. The speech was also quite forward looking emphasising on models of development, importance of YOUTH in our society with action-oriented words like COME, MOVE, WORK etc. He ensured that PEOPLE feel deeply connected to our country and come together for its development rather than leaving everything on the GOVERNMENT babu's. Overall the speech was forward looking, action oriented and deeply connected to the issues of common man !

About Text Analytics

The source of full text version of speech is from Narendra Modi's website. The common language words like "a", "the", "with" have been excluded from the analysis. Bigger the size of the word in the "word cloud" above, larger is the frequency of that word in the overall speech. 

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