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Statistic 2: AAP is people’s choice for lack of options

The day after results of Delhi Elections news channels were flooded with Arvind Kejriwal saying “People wanted an alternative and that is what they found in us”. He indeed is correct in saying that, AAP is the alternative for lack of options !


If we break Delhi’s constituencies by the number of candidates contested in each constituency, then we can categorize Delhi as:

Less than 8 candidates contested   : 10 constituencies

8-11 candidates contested                  : 29 constituencies

More than 11 candidates contested : 31 constituencies


Now refer the following chart to see how each party has faired in each of these categorized constituencies


How to read: Height of line denotes number of wins for that party in that category. Eg: AAP has 8 wins in ‘Less than 8 candidates category’ and BJP has 15 wins in ‘More than 11 candidates category’.


Clearly, constituencies where 'less than 8 candidates contested' (hence lesser options) have worked in favour of AAP. As the competition increases, winning streak of AAP reduces and BJP starts to emerge as a more acceptable party. Congress on the other hand has not been able to leave any mark on the map.

Thus, AAP is the choice for lack of options; But, BJP has been able to win over strong competition.

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