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True Stars of Kick Movie Review | Twitter Sentiment Analysis | Infographic

Does the rating stars given by Critics really matter ?! Are they 'TRUE' reviews or biased by the stardom of movie actors ?

The review that actually matters is given to me by my friend who has actually seen the movie. Her words count much more than any rating stars given by movie critics. Now the best way to know a movie rating is to go around asking all my friends about their movie review. But that might just be an overkill. So until then, I decided to listen to tweets of real people for a Twitter Sentiment analysis about the Kick Movie Review

Below are the Two-Part series of Infographics presenting the True Ratings Stars for Kick Movie Review

Infographic #1: Kick is rated 3.8 stars on a 5-point scale


Infographic #2: Salman Khan is partly the reason for praise and mostly the reason for criticism in Kick Movie



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